Halfway to Halloween 2023!

After producing and editing 13 separate videos, I am finally finished documenting Diagon Alley! It took me this long to tell the full story of our Wizarding World Halloween and Christmas in Diagon Alley, and here we are already halfway to Halloween 2023! All the Diagon Alley videos are on our Halloween 2022 video playlist, which is linked from both event pages, and on our Eerie Elegance YouTube channel. Please like & subscribe!

Now it's full speed ahead for our big Nightmare Before Christmas 30th anniversary celebration for Halloween 2023! At least I am already almost done with our costumes: Jauntie Oogie Boogie in burlap suit sporting crawling bugs and snake tongue cravat beside yours truly as Spiral Hill in crushed velvet covered in carved jack o'lanterns, complete with Jack & Sally in front of a glowing moon and Halloween countdown clock pocketwatch!
There are still more details to add before these costumes meet my full vision for Halloween, plus improvements from lessons learned and repairs to make, and I need a LOT more practice walking in hoops, but everyone loved their debut at our local steampunk convention Clockwork Alchemy! We will get more practice wearing them to the Midsummer Scream Saturday night party before wearing them during our Halloween shows.

Stay tuned to our updates on Instagram and Facebook for behind the scenes progress as we build more Nightmare Before Christmas icons this summer!

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