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Painted Woodgrain

It's only one month left until Halloween, so I'm sure you will be building your projects soon if you haven't already started them! Do you have a project that needs to look like wood? Maybe some walls, doors, or perhaps even a giant steampunk device? You can try this simple and customizable Painted Woodgrain technique using standard brushes that is very convincing, especially for large scale projects! Watch this new episode of Eerie Elegance to learn Webmistress Britta's Painted Woodgrain technique! You also can find other projects & recipes from both books Eerie Elegance and Enhanced Eerie Elegance as episodes on YouTube . Happy Haunting!

Frightful Skull Fountain Kit now for sale!

Happy Labor Day! I have been "laboring" lately for you all by fine-tuning my Frightful Skull Fountain so this brand-new do-it-yourself kit is now ready for sale! This is a new and improved version since the instructions included inside my book Enhanced Eerie Elegance , now with a customized skull funnel that works with a custom-cut cauldron handle support. Just add your own cauldron, and you're all set for a fantastic Halloween punch bowl! Your Frightful Skull Fountain Kit includes: Plastic Vertebrae Tube Skull Funnel, with custom black handle grip attached under the skull's chin Custom-Painted Resin Skeleton Hand U-shaped Wire Support for Skeleton Hand 3 feet Clear Vinyl Tubing, with black fountain pump nozzle already attached Fountain Pump with extra nozzle (120 GPH, pumps up to 3ft high) Custom-Cut Cauldron Handle Support Step-By-Step Photo Instructions with Recipes and Dry Ice Tips You need to supply your own plastic cauldron, and 12" to 16" d