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New book Enhanced Eerie Elegance now for sale!

Today I am extremely excited to announce that my new book Enhanced Eerie Elegance: More Halloween Party Ideas & Recipes with a Touch of Spooky Style is on sale now for $19.95 + shipping! It is 72 pages of all new projects and recipes chock full of 202 full-color illustrations. You can order autographed copies starting today on the website, and Amazon should be active in a couple days. Autographed orders will begin shipping next Thursday! You can combine the new book with the first Eerie Elegance book and the DVD 13 Fabulous Frights in one shipment to anywhere in the world! Domestic US is the same $5, but international shipping costs have increased this year, so I've had to increase Canada/Mexico to $12 and the rest of the world to $14. The apothecary labels have moved to my Etsy shop , so now you can purchase individual sets of labels or blank pages and combine shipping between Etsy orders from the Britta Blvd shop . New items like Dastardly Dangles and S