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Diagon Alley is DONE!

After 7 more nights of Christmas in Diagon Alley ending on New Year's Day 2023, our Diagon Alley is done! We had a fantastic final night in good weather with 275 guests enjoying our magic, never waiting more than an hour in line, even closing on time with our snow lasting almost the whole evening...and by 6:30pm we had crossed the $15K mark raised for Give Kids the World Village to spread the magic to critically-ill children and their families! That’s another THOUSAND just in the past 2 days! Our grand totals for our Wizarding World Halloween and Christmas in Diagon Alley together are 5410 guests visiting over 19 nights, recycling & sanitizing the same 1000 wands with 418 left, and $15,464 raised for Give Kids the World Village®! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your Halloween AND Christmas cheer with them and with us! We can all start the new year proud of the good we have done while having fun! Our YouTube Halloween 2022 video playlist has updates, including o