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Happy Halloween Pandemic-Style!

Happy Halloween! Hope everyone enjoyed their evening! We had a great night at Our Own Haunted Mansion with consistent flow without crowding so everyone stayed safe like our spooky spirits! Thanks to Lori, Rod, Eileen & Tyson & friends, Katie & daughter, Susan, Debi, Christian, Cyd, and Victor & friend for coming, several who had rotating VIP fire pit seats in the driveway! We saw some very fun costumes, like Thorgi the Corgi with the Queen of Hearts, Freddy Kruger, a sassy witch, an adorable lion, an elegant web, and an entire Wizard of Oz crew! I had prepared 50 gloves filled with candy in advance and kept refilling 20 at a time hanging on our fence as self-serve trick or treat, and I only had 5 left by 10pm, but it felt like it was at least twice as many adults as kids, so not a bad first Halloween here! #spooky #ghost #ghosts #spirits #stylishspirits #haunted #ourownhauntedmansion #EerieEleganceEstate #EerieElegance #homehaunters #HomeHauntersOfInstagram #Gri