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Eerie Elegance Halloween 2022

Attention Witches and Wizards! To celebrate Halloween this year, we have temporarily materialized some of our favorite magical locations from London and Hogwarts School to San Jose! (If anybody asks, tell them we fully intend to return these locations back to their proper places after the holidays.) Click here for full details! Starting October 20th, come join us and prepare to: Visit the Leaky Cauldron and taste some butterbeer Receive your wand from Ollivanders and cast some spells Stroll down Diagon Alley and browse your favorite shops Sit beneath the Sorting Hat and accept your House insignia Explore the Friendly Forest and discover some fantastic beasts Come experience this FREE family-friendly event...although only the most fearless witches and wizards would dare venture down Knockturn Alley... #EerieElegance #EerieEleganceHalloween #WizardingWorldHalloween #WizardingWorld #HarryPotter #SortingHat #Fa