Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Halloween 2019 - Dia de los Muertos wins the People's Choice Award!

We successfully resurrected our Dia de los Muertos show as 8 well-attended performances at SeƱor Scary’s house this season, and not only did we hand out candy to 423 trick or treaters with possibly over a THOUSAND guests just on Halloween night, but we won the People’s Choice Award for our city 2019 Halloween Home Decorating Contest with 150 votes!

Silicon Valley Voice - Santa Clara Recognizes Halloween Home Decorating Contest Winners

Our haunt webpage is updated with photos & videos, and you can find even more on Instagram & Facebook!


 Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Stay tuned for Halloween 2019 - Dia de los Muertos!

Stay tuned for our Scream Team to "resurrect" our Day of the Dead show at a new location, with animatronic skeleton mariachi band the Mariachis de Muerte and Graveyard Ghosts, all hosted by La Muerte clothed in candles!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

still catching up on Halloween 2018...

2018 was a crazy year...I got married to Ghoulish Glen in custom Victorian finery at our local "haunted mansion" Winchester Mystery House in April, in August my longtime webserver crashed completely taking my entire BrittaBlvd WordPress with it, then I broke my ankle in September just after we got Castle Brittahytta set up again, so Halloween was a bit crazy while I healed in a sparkly purple cast hiding under my costume! We did have a great Halloween despite my injury, even some Facebook Live videos of our party and trick or treaters, but I still don't have a completely functional main website to document everything the way I used to. I've been posting more to Facebook and Instagram, so you can catch up there while I figure out the best way forward...

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Haunted Hollywood 2017

Our Haunted Hollywood Halloween was an award-winning success in the Santa Clara Citywide Halloween Decoration contest! You can watch our full Front Show, or excerpts from the show plus a walkthrough of the entire Haunted Hollywood Horror Monster Museum featuring 13 classic movie monsters!
For Halloween 2017, the 21st-century Webmistress of the Dark hosted the grand opening of the Hollywood Horror Monster Museum, a collection of 13 classic movie characters & props in a Golden Age movie theatre that was “rumored to be ‘haunted’ but I’ll believe that when I see it!” Our guests were welcome to walk & pose on the red carpet in front of the gilded proscenium vintage movie screen, complete with projected red curtains, roaming spotlights and the custom Hollywood Horror Monster Museum logo as the show began. Four platforms including The Mummy with his sarcophagus, Frankenstein's Monster & his Bride, Werewolf, and Nosferatu were on display bordered with red velvet ropes. Seven Walk of Fame stars on the sidewalk named the front yard monsters, including our first pneumatic prop the Creature from the Black Lagoon popping up from inside the wishing well, and Dracula greeting everyone who walked up to the front porch.

Each of the 13 museum exhibits had a lighted podium sign explaining their importance to monster history, which required a lot of research, and the other 6 monsters were arranged through the other party areas. The Hunchback of Notre Dame was included as vintage movie posters in the foyer with large gargoyles plus the Gander the Gargoyles contest to find all of Quasimodo’s friends. The Wicked Witch of the West and the Invisible Man, with a vintage radio playing clips searching for him, flanked the outer patio food table, across from The Phantom of the Opera’s music on the pipe organ for the Silent Silver Screen. Scarrry Jerry’s giant spider Winnifred was in use in the backyard, this time for the Atomic Age giant insect craze of Mutated Monsters, and Man-Eating Plants were represented by our motion-sensor animated plant puppet on the inside dining table. Guests could also play the Frightful Film Fanatic game to place 39 movies from the chronological list into 3 screens of 13 movies each: the Main Theatre Screen projected in the living room window, the Mad Scientist Experiment Reel on a TV in gilded frame on the lab table, and the Silent Silver Screen projected in the back patio window, next to the pipe organ. I also edited loops of vintage movie posters on the living room TV and in the backyard on the new Movie Marquee TV, and a loop of fun vintage movie trailers running in the dining room. I have been using more and more videos and projections for several years now, but 2017 was by far the most video content I have ever produced yet, with the full movies, video edits, and live video occupying almost a full TERABYTE of external hard drive space!

Our Haunted Hollywood Halloween front show won Honorable Mention/Second Place for Most Original in the first-ever Santa Clara Citywide Halloween Home Decorating contest, with certificates and prizes awarded at a public city council meeting, but watching all ages enjoying our Haunted Hollywood show was even better!

You can watch our full Front Show... ...or excerpts from the show plus a walkthrough of the entire Haunted Hollywood Horror Monster Museum featuring 13 classic movie monsters!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Eerie Elegance Eats available now!

For 2017 Britta Blvd presents Eerie Elegance Eats: A Halloween Cookbook of Creepy Cuisine! This new book celebrates over twenty years of delightfully disturbing both children and grownups alike with Halloween recipes in a niche between gory horror displays and cute but tame kid-friendly foods, making the world smile with a touch of spooky style. Over thirty exclusive new recipes plus all your favorites from both previous Eerie Elegance books are now available as one convenient Cookbook of Creepy Cuisine organized in eight chapters: Mad Scientist Body Parts; Beverages, Brews & Potions, with safe dry ice and edible glow effects; Creepy Cuisine Contest Champions; Scary Savories; Dastardly Desserts; Spooky Spiders & Skeletons; Dia de los Muertos Delights; and Gingerbread Goodies, including the giant Ghoulish Gingerbread Haunted House!

Autographed copies of Eerie Elegance Eats are now for sale directly from the author for $24.95 +S&H, and Amazon is selling it worldwide, with even a digital version for Kindle! See the Eerie Elegance order page for details!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Frightful Skull Fountains in stock for 2017!

I am pleased to announce that my Frightful Skull Fountain do-it-yourself kit is back in stock for 2017! This is an improved version since the instructions included inside my book Enhanced Eerie Elegance, with a customized skull funnel that works with a custom-cut cauldron handle support. Just add your own cauldron, and you're all set for a fantastic Halloween punch bowl!

Your Frightful Skull Fountain Kit includes:

Plastic Vertebrae Tube Skull Funnel, with custom black handle grip attached under the skull's chin

Plastic Skeleton Hand

U-shaped Wire Support for Skeleton Hand

3 feet Clear Vinyl Tubing, with black fountain pump nozzle already attached

Fountain Pump with extra nozzle (120 GPH, pumps up to 3ft high)

Custom-Cut Cauldron Handle Support

Step-By-Step Photo Instructions with Recipes and Dry Ice Tips

You need to supply your own plastic cauldron, and 12" to 16" diameter is recommended to look best with the size of the skull. The included instructions show the pot-belly cauldron style with curved lip usually found cheaply everywhere during Halloween season. If you have a different vessel, you will need to figure out how to attach the cauldron handle support to the edge of your vessel.

Please allow 1-2 weeks before shipping. Your kit ships USPS Priority Mail large flat-rate box for domestic US. International shipping by special request.

Watch this video to learn how to assemble your Frightful Skull Fountain Kit and see it in action!

The order page on EerieElegance.com also has the link to the Etsy listing. Hope you like it! Happy Haunting!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Eerie Elegance presents Halloween 2016 - Waltz of the Spiders at Castle Brittahytta

Happy Halloween everyone! Tonight is the last chance to see our 2016 show live while The Webmistress Hosts a Victorian Halloween at Castle Brittahytta. Over 10,000 spiders emerge from the castle doors and crawl over the towers, ramparts and gravestones of Castle Brittahytta to an original musical soundtrack while the Ghostly Guardian watches over the castle as she has done for a thousand years. Here is the video in 4K for your viewing pleasure! I hope everyone has a fantastic Halloween! My party photos from the weekend will be coming soon to Britta Blvd, so stay tuned!