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Happy Holidays from the Eerie Elegance Estate!

Come see our snowy Victorian Christmas decor from our sidewalk December 23rd through New Year’s Day! During daytime you can enjoy our festive garlands & wreaths with red & gold bows, you may see our antique sleigh with friendly reindeer, and you can Step Here to Start the Singing, but every night from dusk until 10pm the Victorian carolers appear on our balcony and snow falls on the Eerie Elegance Estate! Our gates are closed and our display quiet hours are from 10pm to 10am so please be courteous to our neighborhood. Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday season! #EerieElegance #EerieEleganceEstate #VictorianChristmas #HappyHolidays #snowflakes #snow #sleigh #antiquesleigh #reindeer #animatronics #carolers #VictorianCarolers #ChristmasDecor #ChristmasDecorations #ChristmasCheer #Christmas2023 #Christmas

Happy Halloween 2023!

"It's over! We did it! Wasn't it terrifying? What a night! Great Halloween, everybody!" After 10 show nights including our local ABC news crew joining us on Halloween night for our Nightmare Before Christmas 30th Anniversary Celebration , our grand totals were 5588 visitors and $11,534 for Give Kids the World Village! Our YouTube Halloween 2023 video playlist has updates, scroll back on our Facebook page for all the live videos posted each night, and Instagram & Facebook have lots of fun photo highlights from each show night. Huge thanks to all our guests who kindly donated to our fundraiser for Give Kids the Word Village for critically-ill children and their families to enjoy week-long, cost-free dream vacations! Our dollar total finally matched the total number of attendees by the end of Halloween night, not well above our guest count like last Halloween. You can still contribute through the end of November, and GKTW will send you tax deduction details!

Halloween 2023 - The Nightmare Before Christmas 30th Anniversary Celebration!

Countdown to Halloween! This Halloween come celebrate the 30th Anniversary of The Nightmare Before Christmas with Eerie Elegance starting Oct 19th! Click here for full details! Sing along with the Pumpkin Chorus Meet Jack Skellington and friends Stroll through your favorite scenes Win treats at Oogie Boogie's Lair Creep through the moonlit graveyard Cross over the holiday lines and experience this FREE, family-friendly event for all ages!

What's This?!? Stay tuned for The Nightmare Before Christmas for Halloween 2023!

We have had another busy year at the Eerie Elegance Estate, but now we are deep in design, development and decorating for our Nightmare Before Christmas 30th Anniversary celebration for Halloween 2023! I've been posting projects and recipes so far on our Instagram and Facebook , so you can keep watching our progress there, and stay tuned here for our full Halloween haunt dates, times & other details coming this fall...

Halfway to Halloween 2023!

After producing and editing 13 separate videos, I am finally finished documenting Diagon Alley! It took me this long to tell the full story of our Wizarding World Halloween and Christmas in Diagon Alley , and here we are already halfway to Halloween 2023! All the Diagon Alley videos are on our Halloween 2022 video playlist , which is linked from both event pages, and on our Eerie Elegance YouTube channel . Please like & subscribe! Now it's full speed ahead for our big Nightmare Before Christmas 30th anniversary celebration for Halloween 2023! At least I am already almost done with our costumes: Jauntie Oogie Boogie in burlap suit sporting crawling bugs and snake tongue cravat beside yours truly as Spiral Hill in crushed velvet covered in carved jack o'lanterns, complete with Jack & Sally in front of a glowing moon and Halloween countdown clock pocketwatch! There are still more details to add before these costumes meet my full vision for Halloween, plus improvements

Diagon Alley is DONE!

After 7 more nights of Christmas in Diagon Alley ending on New Year's Day 2023, our Diagon Alley is done! We had a fantastic final night in good weather with 275 guests enjoying our magic, never waiting more than an hour in line, even closing on time with our snow lasting almost the whole evening...and by 6:30pm we had crossed the $15K mark raised for Give Kids the World Village to spread the magic to critically-ill children and their families! That’s another THOUSAND just in the past 2 days! Our grand totals for our Wizarding World Halloween and Christmas in Diagon Alley together are 5410 guests visiting over 19 nights, recycling & sanitizing the same 1000 wands with 418 left, and $15,464 raised for Give Kids the World Village®! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your Halloween AND Christmas cheer with them and with us! We can all start the new year proud of the good we have done while having fun! Our YouTube Halloween 2022 video playlist has updates, including o