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Happy Friday the 13th with new Paranormal Projections!

   Per Eerie Elegance tradition we must celebrate Friday the 13th! For this year we present two new Paranormal Projections, this time captured in 4K resolution! The Eerie Elegance Scream Team has managed to capture several hauntings over the years, and we are excited to share them all with you , for a small fee of course!   The Ghostly Gentleman and Stylish Spirits were featured in Our Own Haunted Mansion for Halloween 2020, completely original costumes & characters filmed in front of greenscreen as our first Halloween project at our new old Queen Anne Victorian house the Eerie Elegance Estate. I made the entire dress ensemble including steel-boned hand-beaded lace corset, bolero jacket, mini top hat fascinator with feathers and bling, and 40lbs of stuffed ruffles, plus the matching vest, all from scratch for our wedding at Winchester Mystery House in 2018, then I sewed the custom cloak, decorated his hat, and transformed the full outfits into ghosts with wig & mak