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Ghosts for Sale!

Are you looking for ghosts? You have come to the right place! 6 new ghosts are now available from Eerie Elegance , plus the original Ghost in Chains from last year! All these ghosts are perfect for projectors, video screens, or even reflected Pepper's Ghost illusions. You are welcome to edit the videos after purchase for your personal use as long as they are not distributed. All these ghosts are Standard Definition video, 640x480 pixels, encoded as H.264 QuickTime .mov files. You can convert to other video formats using online video converter shareware. Playable DVDs are available but only upon special request and will include shipping charges and higher cost for the media. This ancient tattered medieval warrior queen Tower Ghost is silently watching and pointing toward the living, twirling her spear periodically from side to side. Show this 21-minute clip as a silent loop for your personal haunt in isolated viewing locations like a high window or a tower where audio cannot be h