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Christmas is Diagon Alley!

Attention Witches and Wizards! So many people enjoyed our Wizarding World Halloween that we have magically transformed into Christmas in Diagon Alley! Come and enjoy steamy sips, spells, surprises, and maybe even some sprinkles of snow! Come join us December 26th through January 1st 5-8pm daily for this FREE family-friendly event and prepare to: Visit the Leaky Cauldron and taste some butterbeer Stroll down Diagon Alley and browse your favorite festive shops Keep your eyes open for Christmas surprises, even while casting spells! Dress warmly! Even in California we are at the mercy of our rainy winter weather. You can still enjoy this holiday experience in light rain, but any storms will force us to close, so please watch our Eerie Elegance social media ( Instagram & Facebook ) for daily updates. Full details are at Happy Holidays however you celebrate, and hope to see you in Diagon Alley!