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Halloween 2015 - Day of the Dead - Full Show

Happy Friday the 13th! Today we are pleased to announce the first video from Halloween 2015 ...the entire 15-minute front show! For Halloween this year, we were inspired by the uniquely beautiful and creative Mexican traditions of Dia de los Muertos for our own Day of the Dead celebration! See a "live" skeleton mariachi band sing and play for their ghostly ancestors in a joyous graveyard celebration lit by hundreds of flickering candles below a glowing harvest moon! Designed for children of all ages, this show will bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. Not only was the show running all night for my big party on October 24th, but we were able to advertise and run it 4 more nights including Halloween night, which was great fun for us to have so many others come watch our show! I'm still working on coordinating a LOT of photos and even more video in the Halloween 2015 section, so keep watching Britta Blvd for more details coming soon! Hope everyone

Halloween 2015 - Day of the Dead

The Halloween 2015 Day of the Dead front show is running 4 nights closing on November 1st!    Full details here! Stay tuned to  Britta Blvd for more details soon!

Frightful Skull Fountain Kits back in stock for 2015!

I am pleased to announce that my Frightful Skull Fountain do-it-yourself kit is back for 2015! This is a new and improved version since the instructions included inside my book Enhanced Eerie Elegance , with a customized skull funnel that works with a custom-cut cauldron handle support. Just add your own cauldron, and you're all set for a fantastic Halloween punch bowl! Your Frightful Skull Fountain Kit includes: Plastic Vertebrae Tube Skull Funnel, with custom black handle grip attached under the skull's chin Custom-Painted Resin Skeleton Hand U-shaped Wire Support for Skeleton Hand 3 feet Clear Vinyl Tubing, with black fountain pump nozzle already attached Fountain Pump with extra nozzle (120 GPH, pumps up to 3ft high) Custom-Cut Cauldron Handle Support Step-By-Step Photo Instructions with Recipes and Dry Ice Tips You need to supply your own plastic cauldron, and 12" to 16" diameter is recommended to look best with the size of the skull. The included inst

Halloween 2014 - The Story of Seven Spirits

The grandest Halloween yet was The Story of Seven Spirits, hosted by Miss Hermione G. Wells at Castle Brittahytta in 1914! The Halloween 2014 teaser trailer was included with the party invitation: Discover all six spirits haunting Castle Brittahytta as you explore the grounds, then listen carefully in the steampunk Library Laboratory as Miss Hermione G. Wells explains how and why she needs your help so you will be prepared for what comes next in the Main Event… Enjoy the perspective of a party guest at Halloween 1914 hosted by Miss Hermione G. Wells as you are immersed in the interactive mystery told in 7 short acts over 2 hours, with a giant glowing-green-ectoplasm-powered steampunk device showing the “mad scientist” transmitting from Europe, the dead psychic medium leading the séance from inside an astral gateway vortex, and five ghosts summoned inside the large crystal ball using the positive mental energy of all the party guests participating in the séance…and there was ev