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Make Your Own Infinity Illusions!

  Yes, it is already past Halfway to Halloween, and it's been such a crazy spring that I'm still finishing videos from Halloween 2023, but we are well underway with plans & projects for Halloween 2024, including hosting our first Make & Take for NorCal Haunters Group!  For our May meeting of NorCal Haunters, we hosted our “Infinity Illusions Bottomless Pit Kit” at the Eerie Elegance Estate, and it went well enough in person to provide  our full instructions and multiple examples  as a PDF download for other haunters!   We had created our  bottomless well for Halloween 2016 Castle Brittahytta , so we had personal experience, plus we scoured online for other similar effects, studying how & why which setups worked better than others. Screenshots and links are provided in the PDF download . This basic kit is plain wood 2x4s repeated as plank walls, but I also dressed ours as a bottomless pit with crumpled packing paper around programmable red lights as a quickie lava t