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Enhanced Eerie Elegance: 13 Studies in Spooky Style now available on DVD!

Today our favorite spooky number 13 brings the first new product for 2013! Enhanced Eerie Elegance: 13 Studies in Spooky Style is the perfect accompaniment to the new Halloween book Enhanced Eerie Elegance!  Watch over two hours of full quality video to learn projects and recipes demonstrated by your Halloween Hostess, Britta, Webmistress of the Dark.  Building on concepts from the first book, here are new techniques from simple to advanced that will have your guests dying to come back! Originally released online as a weekly seasonal series in 2011 and 2012, all THIRTEEN episodes are included here to watch anytime you'd like to get into the Halloween spirit!  Episode 1 - Old Stone Walls Episode 2 - Gravestone Garnishes Episode 3 - Bubbling Witches' Brew Episode 4 - Easier Eerie Eyeballs Episode 5 - Glowing Crystal Ball Episode 6 - Jack O Lantern Cheese Ball Episode 7 - Violent Vertebrae Episode 8 - Carved Stone Walls Part 1 Episode 9 - Carved Stone