Happy Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th! It's the perfect day to start Halloween season officially, and to remind you that Eerie Elegance has several products to add some spooky style to your Halloween parties!

Seven Spirits are for sale as ghostly digital downloads, perfect to display on TVs, photo frames, projectors, or even Peppers ghost illusions! (More details here...)

You can now purchase the second DVD compilation of 13 video tutorials featuring products from the second book, Enhanced Eerie Elegance: 13 Studies in Spooky Style. (More details here...)

Of course you can still buy the first compilation DVD as well as both my books from EerieElegance.com...but don't forget about the new products from last year!

Choose from 8 unique styles of frightful or fancy Fabric Frames to make your TV or photo frame blend into a haunted castle or mansion... (More details here...)

You can buy Tasty Tombstones frosting sheets in sets of 13 different shapes to bake your own realistic carved stone gravestone cookies, even with custom epitaphs if you wish... (More details here...)

...and the Britta Blvd Etsy shop has vintage-style potion & laboratory labels and other fun, especially for young wizards & witches!

You can also follow my personal Halloween party prep progress on Britta Blvd. I hope your Halloween planning is going well!


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