Fabric Frames now available!

For my parties, I used to disguise my big rear-projection TV by using the top as a display area, leaving the screen dark and hoping people would ignore it. Now that flat-panel TVs are all the rage, they are begging to be in use as Halloween decorations, but the sleek modern black edges just do NOT go in most castles or haunted houses! I have finally created an easily reusable & compact solution...printed fabric strips you can tape to a flat-panel TV, turning it into a large elaborately "carved" picture frame, then easily remove the frame to roll up & save for next year. What you display inside your Fabric Frame is up to you...perhaps ghosts, spooky portraits, or even photos of previous Halloween parties!

The fabric is custom printed on tote-bag-weight heavy cotton twill from my original artwork, then I trim the 4.5"x58" fabric strips, seal the edges, and assemble them into each kit. When you receive your kit, trim the long strips to size to fit your flat-panel & miter the corners together to look like a real frame. A small roll of double-sided mounting tape is included or you are welcome to use your own tape. If your infrared sensor for your remote control is on your TV frame, the fabric might block the signal. If the border around your TV is thinner than the 4.5" fabric strip, either center it on the TV border so it doesn't flop, mount it so the outer edge is flush with the border edge, with fabric over your TV screen, or several of the designs are able to be trimmed thinner. If your flat-panel is larger than 60" (lucky you!), you can extend the strips a few inches by using the scraps of the vertical pieces as an overlay corner brace. A nice bonus is that these decorations do not glare in candlelight or camera flash like vinyl or glossy paper.

You may choose from several spooky or classic vintage designs in the BrittaBlvd Etsy shop. For scale, my 60" plasma TV is used as the display model in the images here. If you have ideas for more designs, let me know!

Fabric Frames are $25 each plus shipping $5 US / $17 international. Each kit includes 4 sturdy fabric strips 4.5"x58" long, instructions and double-sided tape as a compact & easily reusable solution to transform your flatpanel TV from a sleek & modern black hole into a fancy "carved" picture frame that belongs in a haunted house or castle! You can find these on the Eerie Elegance order page and in the BrittaBlvd Etsy shop at the links below.



Unknown said…
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Those are nice, but they are permanent solutions. My Fabric Frames are MUCH less expensive and meant to be temporary decorations to change the look for different occasions. :)
Unknown said…
Good idea you have shared to us. It help us to make our TV looks unique and different.Nice post.

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