Ghosts for Sale!

Are you looking for ghosts? You have come to the right place! 6 new ghosts are now available from Eerie Elegance, plus the original Ghost in Chains from last year! All these ghosts are perfect for projectors, video screens, or even reflected Pepper's Ghost illusions. You are welcome to edit the videos after purchase for your personal use as long as they are not distributed. All these ghosts are Standard Definition video, 640x480 pixels, encoded as H.264 QuickTime .mov files. You can convert to other video formats using online video converter shareware. Playable DVDs are available but only upon special request and will include shipping charges and higher cost for the media.

This ancient tattered medieval warrior queen Tower Ghost is silently watching and pointing toward the living, twirling her spear periodically from side to side. Show this 21-minute clip as a silent loop for your personal haunt in isolated viewing locations like a high window or a tower where audio cannot be heard. See the Tower Ghost in action here.

This ancient tattered Watery Wraith is wailing, gurgling, reaching, and rattling her chains while trying not to drown. Show this 3-minute clip in a wishing well, fountain, pond, cauldron or other watery grave. See the Watery Wraith in action here.

This Renaissance era Merry Madam Mead keeps giggling while pouring herself even more mead when it is obvious she has already imbibed plenty. Show this 2-minute clip reflected inside a bottle or jar in your bar to add some humor to your haunt!

This Renaissance era Pumpkin Queen approaches while menancingly sharpening a large knife, raising it as though to attack as she moves even closer, then she stabs and smiles while carving a pumpkin into a jack o'lantern. This 30-second clip was specifically designed to interact life-size with a large physical pumpkin on the ground in front of the image projected from the rear onto a scrim, but you could also use a video screen or reflected Pepper's Ghost illusion.

This 18th-century French style Phantom of the Pipes peers knowingly over her shoulder at the viewer while sadly playing her own spooky fugue-style composition on a physical pipe organ (not included in the footage). This was designed as a life-size Pepper's Ghost illusion to interact with a physical pipe organ prop, as seen here. You could display this reflected onto a piano or your own custom-built props, with the reflection generated from a video screen or a projector. The pipe organ fugue on the soundtrack is an original composition by Britta Peterson.

 This 18th-century pirate Swashbuckler Sally is brandishing her sword fighting an unseen foe from side to side. This 3-minute clip is perfect for projectors, video screens, or even reflected Pepper's Ghost illusions, especially in high towers moving from window to window, as shown here.

And don't forget the original Ghost in Chains also for sale! This ancient tattered Ghost In Chains is silently screaming and reaching toward the living as her aura brightens and fades, until her last attempt causes her to disappear, shown as the Gate Ghost from Halloween 2011 here.

Now back to all my projects already underway for Halloween 2013! Hope your plans are going well so far!


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