Ghost In Chains video now for sale!

Today the spooky number 13 brings another new Eerie Elegance product for 2012!

Did you see my Gate Ghost for Halloween 2011? Now you can buy the video download to use in your own personal haunt! Only $5 for the QuickTime .mov file, no shipping!

This ancient tattered Ghost In Chains is silently screaming and reaching toward the living as her aura brightens and fades, until her last attempt causes her to disappear. Show this 48-second clip as a silent loop for your personal haunt in isolated viewing locations like a high window or a corner where audio cannot be heard. Perfect for projectors, video screens, or even reflected Pepper's Ghost illusions. You are welcome to add your own sounds after purchase for your personal use as long as it is not distributed.

For full details and to purchase, go to the Eerie Elegance order page!


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