Halloween 2016 public shows start Thursday at Castle Brittahytta!

Castle Brittahytta public Halloween shows start Thursday night October 27th and run every 15 minutes on the hour from dusk until 10pm through Halloween night! Full details and address here!

This year The Webmistress of the Dark hosts a Victorian Halloween at Castle Brittahytta of Verdigris. Please do not be alarmed by her pet spiders of all sizes who freely roam inside and outside the castle.
Watch as over ten-thousand spiders emerge from the castle, swarming toward you over the towers, walls and family gravestones, to an original symphonic soundtrack. Don't worry, the Ghostly Guardian has watched over the castle for a thousand years, but she will only harm those threatening the castle or its residents.
Even the giant tree spider is friendly enough that you can sit in the chair to take a photo with its arm around you!
Her name is Winnifred, and she might even give you a hug if you don't mind her drool. ;)
If you like the show, please drop some coins in the wishing well bucket or donate online for the Eerie Elegance Trick or Treat for UNICEF Fund.

 Now that the outside is finished, I still need to finish decorating inside and catch up on party food prep! Hope your Halloween season is going well!


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