Frightful Skull Fountains SOLD OUT until 2015!

That's it! Frightful Skull Fountain Kit lucky number 7 just shipped to New York, with kits 5 & 6 going to Australia and England, so I am now sold out for this season! I should be able to find more supplies by July, so I'll announce when I have kits back in stock for 2015. Thanks to everyone who purchased this year! I hope you like your kits!

Here are the kit details so you can plan ahead for 2015:

Frightful Skull Fountain Kits by Eerie Elegance

This is a new and improved version since the instructions included inside my book Enhanced Eerie Elegance, now with a customized skull funnel that works with a custom-cut cauldron handle support. Just add your own cauldron, and you're all set for a fantastic Halloween punch bowl!

Watch this video to learn how to assemble your Frightful Skull Fountain Kit and see it in action!


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