Episode 7: Violent Vertebrae

In the seventh and final episode for 2011, it's not too late to whip up some of these easy & tasty Violent Vertebrae for Halloween tonight! For more recipes like this, please buy the book at www.EerieElegance.com or on Amazon! :)

Never fear...more episodes of Enhanced Eerie Elegance will be back next season! Hope you enjoy your Halloween!


Kathryn Carter said…
Oh, okay. I guess I will buy this book. I want to try these recipes so much! I appreciate your recommendation. online plagiarism checker with percentage
Charles Eads said…
I will cook these things for the next Halloween. It will be a real fun for me. I am so glad I've found this post! You should try the best plagiarism checker for your future posts.
CookieSecrets said…
Where can I find a Vertebrae prop like this?
Search Amazon for "spine model" and you'll find plenty. My spine in the video happens to be a family heirloom antique since both my great-grandparents were chiropractors in the early 1900s.

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